Oracle 8i Client Install fails to start on new XP/Home installation

AndrewJayPollack used Ask the Experts™
Since this is an installation question, I'm assuming it will be something that's been seen before and a technote probably exists somewhere...

I have a new machine -- A celeron 1.8ghz machine with 512mb or ram running xp/home.  

I have an Oracle 8i driver CD given me by a client -- I use it to do development work for them, accessing their server from work station when building, then load the application on a server at their site once it works.

When I attempt to install, I never get a dialog box.  I can insert the CD, click on install, but the setup dialog boxes offering me a choice of what to install never comes up.

I get the same result running setup from the operating system prompt.

Any ideas?
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I should add, that I have the latest JVM's installed 1.3 and 1.4 and, also tried it without the JVM's installed.  All the various Micro$oft patches, updates, security changes, and duct tape add on's have been applied.  There is a metric ton of disk space available on the machine.
Andrew, please try the following steps:

1. Create a temporary directory on your hardisk.
2. Copy the entire contents of the Oracle RDBMS CD
3. Search the directory structure created in Step 1 for the existence of the filename symcjit.dll.      
4. Rename each copy of the symcjit.dll to symcjit.old.
5. Run the setup.exe from the \install\win32 directory and install Oracle 8.1.x and related products.

Hope this helps, SIDCAP



Thanks sidcap!

It worked like a charm.  Now what I'll do is re-burn the cd including that change, and label it appropriately.

Once again, thanks.

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