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After weeks of problems with my older e-Machines running Windows 98, I backed up my files, formatted the hard drive, and reloaded Windows from the boot disk provided.  It automatically installed two different video drivers, one generic and the one for my ATI Rage Pro 3d card.  Problem is, I can't figure out how to change the ATI to the default.  Under "Display" in Settings it is listed as the driver for monitor #2.  No matter what changes I make, or if I delete the first monitor and driver from the under "System" settings, when I reboot it always reinstalls the generic driver and goes back to the same settings.  Any suggestions?
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One thing you could try is to remove the ATI driver in Device Manager, and then go into the properties for the generic driver and click on Update Driver, then supply the ATI driver disc or CD, so that Windows updates the generic driver to be the ATI driver.
Are there actually two video cards?  (If you don't know, is there two places you can plug the monitor into?)

Do any have the exclamation icon next to them?

Does it help to disable the one you don't want, instead of deleting it?  (Right click -> Disable)
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rkm4 last logged on the day of asking the question.  It seems to me that scottrma has provided a workable solution, so will award the question.

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