How to reinstall Win 98?

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I have been adviced to reinstall Win 98.

I first had in my computer Win 95, then I upgrade it to Win 98, so now I have an upgrade cd of Win 98 (and my old Win 95 cd).

Fist I must save all my files.

But then, what shall I do, step by step?

I am afraid to do wrong, so please help me to do the right thing.

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1. Back up all of your data files, then test the backup by restoring a few from various folders to a different location.
2. Do a Start > Settings > Control Panel. In add/remove programs, create a Win98 startup disk (if you don't already have one.
3. Boot from the startup disk, type fdisk, press Enter. Press Y for large disk support.
4. view your current partitions. Esc to menu, delete partition(s).
5. Create new partitions. If it is a small drive, create one partition.  Reboot.
6. Format the partition(s), with command format c:, format D: (if you have more than one partition.
7Installing a Windows 98 Upgrade CD without a Previous OS installed

8. Begin the windows install as if it was the full version (setup.exe), during the install you will be prompted for a previous operating system, at his point put your old operating system CD in the drive and browse to the WIN95 folder. Click ok, the windows upgrade will confirm this is a full version and continue with the upgrade (after you replace the upgrade CD).

After that, it is pretty much doing things like setting the time zone, and letting Windows do its plugnplay thing and a couple of reboots.

If you want a lot more details and tips, visit
they have lots of info and tips, and detailed instructions.

Actually with an upgrade CD, you should be able to simply put it in the CD-Rom and run setup from inside windows and do the reinstall.
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That will work if you don't wipe the drive first, but on a fresh install, it looks for two or three exisitng files. If he doesn't need a fresh install, he can probably just use something like system file checker.

Do not forget to export your e-mail addresses to a floppy and your favorites to a cd rom
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