D2k Form validations... Error(ORA-01403)

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I have created a D2k application based on a oracle database. I have also written a trigger named "Pre-commit" to validate all the items of all datablocks in the form.  When I close the form, I am receiving the following error:

"- UNHANDLED EXCEPTION IN PRE-COMMIT TRIGGER ORA:01403" and the form remains invalidated.  But, note that...
My "Pre-commit" trigger coding does not have an exception block.

I do not know how to solve this error.  what is Ora-01403?  how to resolve that error?  When does it arise?  Can anybody guide me whether and if so, how to modify my trigger codings.

I shall be much thankful to the guy who could help me, pls.
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ORA-01403 no data found

Cause: In a host language program, all records have been fetched. The return code from the fetch was +4, indicating that all records have been returned from the SQL query.

Action: Terminate processing for the SELECT statement.

Here you can find error messages:

UNHANDLED EXCEPTION IN PRE-COMMIT TRIGGER ORA:01403 - it means that there is no such exception in your trigger.

I think that it is better to validate items in Pre-Update and Pre-Insert triggers.

I hope this will help you.
ORA-01403 no data found .
This specifies that all the records have been fetched.
You can handle it by using sql%notfound or
cursor_name%notfound in your trigger.

if sql%notfound then
end if;

This way you will be handling the exception and the error won't be thrown.

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