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Hi, all

I used SQL Server for a web site using JSP. I am considering using interBase 6 instead of SQL Server as its database. Could you please tell me how to transfer all the database structure and data to interBase? Thanks.
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First, an assumption: You've searched the internet for conversion tools and ruled out any of the existing software. Without knowing how complex your database is, this is a GENERAL answer:

I can see a couple of phases here:

#1 Extract SQL metadata / logic from SQL Server.
i.e. the table structures, triggers, stored procedures.

InterBase can digest that in one long file, once it's properly syntaxed. WISQL, the default interbase query tool can run a file like that.

#2 Determine data dependencies.

If your data tables depend on each other, determine the order most optimal for adding the least- or non-dependent tables first, and adding the dependent tables later.

#3 Use a tool to migrate data across OR generate 'insert' statements from SQL Server.

Delphi can be set up to help "datapump" your information from one source to another. There is most likely something in Java to accomplish the same feat. I'm not familiar enough with SQL Server tools to know if something can dump the data as "insert" statements that could be run against InterBase but that's also an alternative.

Questions for consideration:
How complex is the database ?
( Number of tables, foreign keys, triggers, stored procedures, BLObs present ? )
What sort of tools do you have at your disposal ?
Languages ?
Time ? Money ?


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