Displaying the second page of a .tiff file via an Access Form

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I have built a database that stores scanned documents.  Previously, all files were stored in .jpg format.  These files diplay without a problem.  Now, we have multipage documents that we have scanned in. To accomodate the additional pages, we saved the multi-image file in .tiff format.  

When the form opens, the initial page displays, but I'm not sure how to view the second page of the file.

The image is displays in a Kodak Image Control.  Any ideas?

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As Access is adding an OLE "overhead" to each OLE-object, it's normal to store just the path to the file in a table.

This will enable you to store much more in the database without the risk of a database bloat.

Now you can display the file in an unbound object frame, or (when you want it really flexible) just activate the file based on the extension and the linked application o the computer.
Check the Access Cookbook link:
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/accesscook/ (select CDROM)
and see sample 11-07 from the chapter 11 samples.

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I apologize for the "Answered: Archery" at the bottom. Nico5038 did indeed get the answer.

I am using a program in excel (with buttons and code) that i made to do the legwork and i made a mistake here.
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I guess so as Archery wasn't commenting here :-)

Keep up the good work (but improve the excel please <LOL>)

i fixed it. very funny...

and the excel works too. i just paste in the URL, type in the suggestion, hit a button, and it copys the message and creates a new row (and even uses a TODAY() + DAY(7) formula for the date). it is really helpful. want it? =)

Always curious Andrew, please drop it in my mail :-)

k. maybe as soon as i make it look half decent. i am building a VBA form now (hehehe)
per recommendation (first one not the superfluous one obviously inserted by Excel as a means of Bill Gates asserting further control over everything)  Perhaps posting a question in the MS Office topic area will help ;)

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