stopping automatic connection at startup for Outlook2k

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I installed outlook 2k on computers at my church.  The staff at the office wants to be able to open outlook an work on email without the system automatically trying to connect to the email server to check for new mail as soon as they open the program.  I can't find any reference to this in the help menu...does anyone know how to control this?  It is not a big problem since they can cancel out of it quickly, but it is annoying to listen to the dialup connection and always have to cancel everytime they start Outlook 2000.
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You need to setup & use offline folders.  
Offline Folders is not necessary.  I believe what you are looking for is under Tools-Accounts-Internet Dialup (or whatever it is named for you).  There is a check box for automatic checking of email.


This worked...however, it was not under accounts, but options.  It also was marked as automatic checking every xx minutes.  I turned it off and now I need to manually check, but it fixes the problem.  Thanks.

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