Verify the bandwidth of a leased line

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Would like to know how to verify the bandwidth and know who are using the leased line?
Now, I have a 128K leased line running between US and HK

Any softwares or glues?

Many thanks
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I would suggest using MRTG that is what we use in our company to monitor our leased lines, now if you want a really good solution i recomend implementing NMIS it uses SNMP to monitor the line, the Routers CPU, Memory routing table it can alert you when there is a problem and most importantely it keeps a historical log of all activity of the linke in order to make sure you keep with the SLA of your provider.

Now saying that i must mention that this is all free and opensource, however if you really want the best of the best you must lookinto Netreality WISEWAN  
With this appliance you can go up to layer 7 to monitor traffic you can determine as an example User Bob was going across the wan via a PCanywhere session to the Server in Seattle.

Let me know if you need any more information
one thing to mention is that with the opensource software above you can monitor the link and you would know if you where to exceed your CIR and how much you are bursting.

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