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My IE 5.0 is quite unstable, sometimes performs "illegal operations" and closes down, sometimes just freezes.
My questions: Should I upgrade to IE6? Is it any better? How do I install IE6?
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I like IE6, but not everyone does. You should also be able to go to 5.5 if you prefer. You can get them from the Windows Update site. It's pretty easy to install. If you want to, you can choose the custom install and download the files to your local drive before installing vs. doing it online. Other than that, you can just accept all the default settings.
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I agree that 5.5 sp2 is probably stabler.

I hope this helps !
as with the real experts that have poster their wisdom before me IE 5.5 is the way to go.
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I think either 5.5 or IE 6 is fine, I am installing IE6 and SP 1, on all the machines I work on now. Have had no problems.
I am not sure that it is your IE 5 that is giving you all the problems though from what you posted, have you done a clean up and good virus check lately?
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Virus check on-line

online virus scanners; they will scan all the files on your hard drive for a virus.

Norton Web Services  
Go to this page and click on Scan for Viruses

It needs to download a few file so as to activate the scan so you may see a message like this.

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Downloading Scan for Viruses controls. Please wait...
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Note: Scan for Viruses does not scan compressed files"

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Also if you do a control-alt-delete do you see a program called findfast there. If so let me know and I will advise on how to remove it. This will give you a lot of illegal operations. :>) Dave

emery800 is probably right that the instability might be due to a need for a general system cleanup. Your problems might be with IE, they might be due to lots of other things.


Hello all

Thanks for the comments. About my computer: Norton anti virus and Internet security installed and enabled at all times. Virus files auto updated (LiveUpdate). Computer scanned daily for viruses. Security checked online by Symantec. Registry scanned daily for errors. I believe the computer is clean and suspect that IE is the real culprit.

Now, bottom line -- should it be IE 5.5 or 6? And how do I do it, just install the new version on top of the old?
To install go to the windows update page and chose to install IE 5.5.  Follow the wizard through the installation process.  This will install 5.5 over your old version of IE.

I would still clean up the temp. internet files and cookies( like emery800 said) by right clicking on IE and selecting properties.  
I like IE 6 SP1.  It will give your windows system a good update also and fix any system problems that you are/may be having.  I have had no problems with IE6 and I have it on 40+ computers.  

Just do a windows update and update to IE 6 SP 1

You shouldn't have any problems!

Ditto! :>)
I have it installed on a few hundred and no problems. Dave

Do not forget to go back after installing version 6 and get the patches.


Hello all

I have installed IE5.5 SP2. Seems to be OK -- no crashes so far. Are there any patches that I should get?
Emanuel: Easiest way is to visit the windows update site and then look at the patches and select the ones you want. I am aware of one recently that may not be at the site yet.


Guys, thank you all for your good advice. I decided on IE5.5 and the points went to emery800 for taking time to send in his three comments -- thanks.


Thanks Emanuel! It is usually teamwork that gives the greatest results and you had great teamwork here! Great work by all! Enjoy! :>) Dave

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