Join NT domain w/ linux workstation - howto? NHF?

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I have a Windows NT 4.0 domain.  I want to use a Mandrake 9.0 workstation instead of a Windows workstation on this domain.  I don't need any other *nix machines to login to the domain, just the one.  I have scoured the Samba documentation and multiple websites, but I am just not getting it.  
With Corel Linux, I am able to authenticate to the domain and browse the Windows network and open shares by default immediately after an out-of-the-box OS install.  Corel is depricated now, and I want the same functionality with a more updated distribution (without paying for Lycoris or Xandros.)  No other distro I have tried seems to be able to do this nearly as well.  With Mandrake 9.0, I have managed to see the Windows machines using linneighborhood, but I want the directory I click on to open up in nautilus, similar to the way it would nativiely from a Windows machine.  I have read dozens of samba config files and tried them out, but I'm still not getting the results I want.  Can anyone give me some help on this one?  
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smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -U <administrator>
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