Solaris 8 Jumpstart on Netra t1 AC200

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I am attempting to jumpstart a Netra t1 AC200, with a 07/01 Solaris 8 jumpstart server.  I have created the proper profiles, and get the system to reach the jumpstart server with the boot net - install command, but after connecting, I get an error message asking for the boot file.

My jumpstart server works on Ultra-5's. Ultra-10's, Netra t1 105's and even an ES-250.  I patched the server and can jumpstart an x1.  Is there something special with jumpstarting AC200's that I haven't found out about?  Is there another patch that I need to apply or a different configuration required for AC200's?

Cliff Butler
Lab Manager
Liberate Technologies Educational Services
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I cant find any info on problems with the T1.

So, does the bootpgm load ?
(The hex number counting up to a200 or similar)

If so the link under /tftpboot works and it should be
looking for your /etc/bootparams file.
Are you running a nameservice ( nis, nis+ or so ) ?

Check the bootparamsentry and check that bootfilelocation
is shared in /etc/dfs/dfstab

Lets start here and come back

I guess add_install_client went ok without errors ?



yes, the add_install_client went without a hitch, the rules.ok file created without error, and the share in the dfstab points to the jumpstart directory.

The boot pgm doesn't load, and the error thrown on the AC200 is looking for the boot file, as if it could not mount the miniroot or was trying to boot from a 32-bit kernel.

I am running DNS and the parameters are set.  Snooping the network by mac address shows no response, but I can use the jumpstart server and show network traffic for other boxes that I jumpstarted as a test.

Thanks for the ideas, and I await more...

first thing that happens is that the netra sends out a RARP-broadcast
to find its IP-address.
In order for that to work the ethernetaddress and hostname need to be in the /etc/ethers-file on the server.

This ipaddress is used to find the bootpgm on a tftp-server. On this server the IP-address is used in a linkname
in the /tftpboot directory.

Links looks like this:
 C0B00D04 -> inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_9-1
The C0... is the ipaddress in hexmode ( in this case)

If you dont get a "Waiting for ARP/RARP reply" the problem is your tftp-server. So check the symboliclink there.

This link is supposed to be setup by the add_install_client script. ( Have you perhaps changed the ipaddress of the netra client, in that case you have to create a new link)

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and, sorry, but its 2.40 am here. Need to get some sleep.
Which version of Solaris 8 (image) do you use for the Jump start Server. The Eary distribution of Solaris 8 may not recognize the hardware in your Netra t1 AC200.

Try Solaris 8 Release 2/02 or newer (Solaris 9).


Commented: turned out to be a combination of the client IP and the tftp.  Someone had tried to do and install and had added a duplicate entry in the bootparams, pointing to a second Solaris Directory.  No wonder it was confused.  Also, I am using Solaris 8, 07/01.  I have (, but that isn't an option for now.  Thanks for the help...glad it is running.


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