Connecting 2 3com sdsl modems together?

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Can I connect 2 3com sdsl modems together to extend my network (like Pair Gains) or are these units meant to connect to a Central Office?
Where can I buy the C.O. hardware if necessary?

Currently we use "Pair Gains" as a mux to create a WAN.
I simply connect 1 of the Pair Gains to my LAN with rj45, then plug cat3 into a dedicated telephone pair.
At my remote location I connect the other end of the cat3 to the other Pairgain, then plug cat5 into a switch to service the staff in that building.
The Pair Gains give me 2mbps @ 2k
the 3coms are supposed to give 1.544 mbps @ 2k

I bought the 3coms from ebay (about 100$), I'm tring to find a cheap alternative to Pair Gains (ADC)which run about 1000$
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Q - Can I connect 2 3com sdsl modems

A - NO

Q - Where can I buy the C.O. hardware if necessary?

A = You probably can't at a price you want to pay.  

Where are you and why are you even doing this??
What is the distance you are trying to connect?


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