IIS on Windows 2000 AD

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I have a IIS server installed into a win2k ad domain. I have administrative people and public/general users that will need ftp access to the following folder structure:


there are two folders under ftproot called:
private and public

what permissions for each of the public and private folders do I need to have so that the following conditions are met:

administrator can ftp into public and private with full permissions

public users can not gain access to private, and they can only add/read in public?

No user can go higher in directory structure than c:\inetpub\ftproot

no one can create root level folders

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Set the permissions on FTPROOT itself to read only for everybody (e.g. Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read)--this will prevent files and folders being created at the root level. Set the permissions for Administrators on the "private" and "public" folders to Full Control. To do what you want to do for the public users you need to click the Advanced button in the permissions dialog--this is the only way you can allow Write access (so they can create new files) but block Delete and Modify access.

IIS won't let you go higher than the FTPROOT folder anyway, assuming you've set that as the root folder for the FTP server.


giving it a try today!

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