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I have two NT servers running Win2K sp3 and they are both in a workgroup... they have internet access and they are connected via a t-1 line.

They are on two different subnets and they can ping one anohter. The host server is running wins. The remote server is not running wins, but the remote server points at the ip of the host for wins resolution.

When you are in windows explorer you can type \\host
and this resolves.

However, in network neibghorhood the names of the pc's do not show up. Only the name of the station you are on appears in the list.

There is no firewall between these two servers, all ports are open... Addresses are static, the dns settings on both point to the ISP's dns.

How do I get their names to appear in the network neibgh. list?

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As these are not in a domain you won't be able to see them. connect to a share on the server via ip address and run the add network place wizard.


well why is it then that two win98 or win2k pro machines can see eachother in a workgroup?

what about if i share a directory on each server, shouldn't file and print services make each machine show up?


-Make sure nebios of tcp is enabled...
-Test with Netbui to see if tcp netbios is infact the problem...
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i can use netbeui because the two machines are connected via a point to point t-1 line... there is no firewall between them, just two cisco routers...

netbeui is not routable.
only tcp-ip is in use on the network...

Is the Compter Browser service running?  

Hello tadduci,
-I misunderstood.. I though you said.. On the same wire & both connected to a t1 for internet access.
-Nebios over tcpip enabled ?
-lmhosts file?
-does \\server\c$


ok netbios over tcp is enabled
there is no lmhosts file
and \\server\c$ works
the only problem I have is having that name appear in the list of computers....

tcp-ip connectivity works

there are two servers on two different subnets seperated by a point to point t-1 line cisco routers on each segment...

each server can see local pc's in the same workgroup as themselves but no remote nodes
You need to set up WINS on each server and then make the two push-pull partners of each other.  Your routers are not allowing the broadcast that the master browsers do to go across the T1.  


does wins require a domain or can the servers be in stand alone workgroup ? I talked with cisco and they told me in order for wins to work all of the servers must be in a domain

No you don't need a domain.  I think someone was confused a bit.  Wins is nothing more then a dynamic netbios resolution database.  You point your clients at the WINS server and it registers all contacts.  If you do this on each side of your T1, then have to 2 WINS server replicate their databases with each other, you'll be able to resolve resources on each network.

Your Cisco people were probably thinking more on the lines of the Computer Browser service.  All segment would contain a "Master Browser".  These would in turn update a "Domain Master Browser" which is the PDC of a domain.  And the Domain Master Browser would update each segments Master Browser with resources from other remote segments.  If the PDC was missing, you would only see resources on your local segment.  So for the Browser service to see all segments you need a domain.  

WINS is like DNS, only it's for NetBIOS resolution.


exactly... thats what I thought... let me try the push pull for the wins and get back to you cool?


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