Turning off Desktop cleanup wizard.

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I'm using Sysprep to deploy a Windows XP image.

Using the CleanUpWiz registry key, I can disable the desktop icon cleanup wizard... but when I run Sysprep, it resets it back to enabled.

I need a method of turning the stupid wizard crap off once and for all.  This method must work with Sysprep.

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Here is kind of a cheap way to do it.

Export the CleanUpWiz registry key as you want it (Disabled)

Place the export in the \all users\startup folder

create a batch file that deletes the registry exported file and itself and place this in the \all users\startup folder

Run sysprep

When the system boots for the first time after you have imaged it will run your export and put it into the registry then it will run the batch file and delete the export and itself from the startup folder.
go to your run command and open the Group Policy editor.


from there go down to
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> then Select Desktop. Find the "REmove the Desktop Cleanup Wizard" entry and ENABLE it. you can read more by opening the key and moving to the "explain" tab.

hope this does it for you.  I find that all of the Group Policies I change in my original do not change when I dump the image and use sysprep
Stephen CroftTechnical Architect

is sysprep the one that creates the automated.bat and .txt?

argh its too late im too tierd

if it is then theres an easy way,

create a registry output of the settings to do with the desktop cleanup

under advanced...runonce, add the registry file

all you need to do is leave the cd with the .reg on it in the drive or whatever, and point it to that

hope im to too tierd to get it right,



Perfect!  I've configured the image extensively through gpedit, but I never noticed the DCW was accessable through that.

Thanks for the info, all.

Glad I was able to help...

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