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Hi my problem is that I am unable to upload files to the ftp server.  OS is Windows XP PRO
Have installed IIS opened ports 21,22 on router and forwarded them.
created user, that user has been made part of admin group because the "add site administrator" button was grayed out.
on the IIS manager I have set Read Write rights
I have try both allow anonymous access and not allow.
When I try to connect I get prompted for username/password
doesn't matter what I enter it gets bounced.
I have shared the complete drive or must I share the Specific folder for ftproot?

Thanks for you help


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try sharing the specific folder
give the administrator username and password
check the permissions on inetpub\ftproot
Just a simple rule of thumb when dealing with IIS and permissions. If IIS requires full contol, give the rights in IIS - full control. But, use the NTFS permissions on your files/folders to lock down the permissions you want for access to the folders. Most people get confused by the permission settings in IIS. IIS permissions are ONLY for IIS, they DO NOT apply to NTFS file permissions.
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try also forwarding port 20 (ftp-data) on the router, since 21 is only the control-port and 22 is ssh

ftp-data        20/tcp
ftp             21/tcp
ssh2            22/tcp

The webserver should work with anonymous access easy enough. Note that is no user of NTFS. AND it is not only not recommended, but a major hole. Still, it did no work? Likely then your OS has it blocked, I vote keep it so.

I do not run IIS since it is viewed as too exploitable. So I dunno, But I'll suggest that you allow access to your known users in IIS, and for Windows server to allow your defined users to access over the remote connections. Let XP handle the authentication for all sides.

Have IIS utilize NT authentication.

create one user called samples in active directory

Install iis and in iis manger create ftp site called samples and specifi the folders path like d:\samples.

not set the ntfs permission for d:\samples folder and give everyone ---------none
samples ( user ) -----full

and then tell me



Not really sure what the problem was however going through it again and not setting any actual permissions seem to work.  So now I'll work around setting up actual permission for users and see if I can recreate the problem.
Thanks for the input.

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