Error -192 when try to print from Mac OS 9.2

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I get this error whenever I try to print from any program.  Even when I just try to print desktop.  I am also having an issue with Adobe Acrobat where it won't let me print... It just opens a fax page when I try to print.  I am running OS 9.2 wireless to an Airprt... printing to a minolta 2200 printer.  Any ideas?  Other than reinstall the OS... ;)
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Sounds like your fax software is interfering. Uninstall it. Also update to 9.2.2 if possible.
I hate to say this, because it will insult you if you're a longtime Mac user, but do you have the correct printer selected in the Chooser?  It sounds like your apps are defaulting to try and print to your fax software, so just double-check that you've got your printer selected.  Otherwise I'd suggest you reinstall the printer drivers, then if that doesn't work, as weed suggested, uninstall the fax software.  Good luck.


I actually figured out the answer to this issue... 192 error is related to a resource not being available.  One of the main switches on my network’s backbone was causing a broadcast storm and causing packets to drop.  This caused my wireless Macs to not have a stabile enough connection to the network printers.  I replaced this switch and fixed many errors on my network.  Thanks Apple for having error tolerant network protocols and good documentation about your OS’s errors… not.  
9.2.2 is old software. Everything has changed in OS X.
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