Modifying the objects in a document using code inside an inline frame.

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I have a page with some text fields.  Below them I have an inline frame with an xml tree that contains links with values attached to them.  I want to be able to click on a link from the inline frame and insert them into the text fields above the inline frame.  I've tried document.form.textfield1.value = "whatever", but it doesn't work.  How can I do it?

Please help and ask questions if not sure about my question.

Thank you in advance!
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1.can you get the value of what you have clicked on in an alert?

2.can you default a textbox with some text and return that in an alert when you click something in the tree?

try to put them together...
is the code you are executing in the frame or in the main page?  If it is in the frame, then do this:

parent.document.forms[0].textfield1.value = "whatever";


parent.document.NameOfTheForm.textfield1.value = "whatever";

(but don't name the form "form" -- it is a keyword.  name it "myform" or "theform" or anything but "form").
cpalacios, let us know if this worked for you.


Thank you it works great.  Now my only problem is that Netscape won't accept Inline Frame!!! >:{


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