saving as jpg closes photoshop

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using photoshop 7.0 w/ latest patches... have a .psd file open w/ several layers... very simple file, not very big.

the moment i do the following, photoshop closes completely:

1. file/save as
2. select JPG as the save as type option

i cant even get to save the file!

any advice on this? thanks...
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Use Save For Web instead. More options, better compression.



good tip, but that does not help.... unfortunately it seems this is a problem related with windows instead of photoshop.

moment i reach save dialog box and try to save, photoshop closes out completely.

thanks for the input though... seems it needs some more research.

have you tried re-installing PS?
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I agree with ElmerB. Uninstall and reinstall. You might want to run a diagnostics program on your system as well.


thanks for the comments... re-installing is a possible way out, but i was hoping to locate a quickfix for this. ill try contacting adobe, and worse case do the re-install.



i found some more information on this... apparently when saving into folders that contain image files, photoshop crashes like this... it's strange.

i am having similar problem as outlined here:

it seems that when browsing folders with image files this happens... could it be something to do w/ that photoshop thumbnail feature where u get to see what the image looks like when browsing a folder????

Must be another Windoze failing. I have three Macs and none of them exhibit that behavior.


well, it turns out i fixed the problem temporarily... not a very good fix, but it works.

apparently, image files that were buried too deep in folders (e.g. the path to the files was over 90 characters or so), when browsing those in photoshop to open them, photoshop crashed... and basically any application that uses a dialog box to open these files.

so i renamed the folders to shorter names and now it works fine!



problem solved:

apparently the windows column handler for adobe photoshop's feature of viewing image files in a thumbnail-like view by default was casuing troubles in folders that had long path names.

so the fix was to disable the thumbnail feature for photoshop files by:

1. right-click on file
2. properties
3. photoshop image tab
4. uncheck generate thumbnails

hope that helps others with similar problem... if at all!
Some fuel for thought...

to quote, """Use Floating point method for JPG compression

By default (OFF) Photo-Brush uses an Integer algorithm for saving JPG images. The reason for this is that it produces the same quality on any computer using any processor. Use of the floating point algorithm is processor dependent. Strictly controlled by logic, floating point should produce the best quality - but you never know these days. Each processor uses floating point operations differently. In a processor with fast floating point calculation, this method may even be faster than the integer algorithm. Try it, but you probably won’t see any differences with the naked eye."""

Try saving without a thumbnail preview - ah just erad your answer! hehe, anyhow yes it does seem that in general thumbnail views in photoshop cause a lot of problems.

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