cd-r/rw does not burn at proper speed

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I have acually sort of two questions.  Im trying to put 2 burners on one computer and burn atthe same time.  Amd athlon 1 gighz, 256 ram, 7200 rpm hard drive.  32 speed cd burner.
When i burn one cd ;the max it goes when i do a speed test is 16x because it says that the information isnt coming in fast enough.  I use nero and made a picture image of a disk and burn it to cd through the hard drive so it can be faster.its a vcd.
 Any suestions on how to fix this?  I called the hard drive company Western Digital and they said the hard drive is fine.  They suggested the mother board may not being able to handle it.  Any help would be great.
2nd queston is that when i burn two cds at once. it takes 14 mins for them both to be completed.  It takes 10 mins for one.  Im figururing that the times is longer because they share a wire?  help please, ....
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Make sure that the media you are using is rated for the speeds you want to burn. I would definitely put each drive on a separate cable. Also, make sure that both drives are DMA enabled in the device manager.
You will need two things to get more speed for simultaneuous cd writing.

More RAM - Go to at least 512
Second HArd Drive - I assume you are using an IDE Drive so if you are trying to write from a single hard drive to 2 separate CDR's you'll only get about 40% of the speed to each drive.

Equate the Hard drive a basket of apples - The hard drive (IDE) can only read one track at time from any number of platters.  If you try to transfer the apples from one basket to a second basket with one hand - You can transfer only x numbers of apples in one minute.  No try moving the apples from one basket to two baskets  - One with green apples and one with red apples. You will get less than half the apples in each basket per minute.

If you have two hard drives  and two CDR's  with Drive A filling CDR1  and Drive B filling cdr2  You may actually get your speed on both close to what it should be.

Also make sure that your IDE cables are 80 Pin not 40 Pin - having an ATA-100 (7200rpm) drive is a waste if you don't.

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