Internet Explorer pauses before loading webpages.

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One user on our network has a problem where IE pauses for about 20 seconds before loading web pages. When you type an address in and press enter, IE takes about 20 seconds before it starts loading the page. This is occurring on one Windows NT workstation (with SP6) machine regardless of who logs into it. Other users on the network are working fine.

We are on an ethernet LAN, connected to the internet by a relatively fast connection. Our proxy is MS ISA server.

The staff member has the correct proxy server settings.
I cleared his temporary internet files, history and cookies. His Temporary Internet File size was set to 10 MB. Autocomplete was turned off temporarily. Neither of these steps made any difference.

The problem occurs both in IE and in Netscape. I have reinstalled IE 5.5 (our current standard) and then IE 6.0 SP1 both of which made no difference. I looked at running processes on the PC and turned off anything non-essential. I temporarily disabled the anti virus scanning software and pared down the services to the bare minimum.

The problem is limited to sites on the internet - local sites seem to be fine. I checked the PCs' hosts file, which only has 3 entries. I tried connecting to an IP address of a website and the same thing occurred.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I had that happening on my home machine... apparently because of
Norton Antivirus Auto-protect on. Not sure though.
Everything went back on track after turning NAV Auto-protect off.

... might be your case .... but probably something else.


Have you disabled ActiveX and java?  Have you tried a virus scan?
Is your current virus signature for your virus software up to date?  Do you have an AdAware type program installed?


Thanks both for your comments.

I did do a thorough virus scan before disabling the virus scanner an a temporary test. We run Pest Patrol to scan for spyware, but I did also download AdAware as well. Both Pest Patrol and Adaware found no spyware or malware on the PC.

At slink9s' suggestion, I disabled ActiveX and Java. Unfortunately the problem still exists.
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I believe these could be slowing down the loads by checking for or deleting ads on the page being loaded.


The virus scanner, Pest Patrol and Adaware are not running when using the browser. As I mentioned the virus scanner is normally resident but this has been disabled as something to try and resolve the error. The spyware scanners were started, a scan was performed and then they were closed.

I have minimized the running processes to those that are absolutely essential. I've visited a number of sites offering details of the minimum required NT services and processes and reduced the system as much as possible.

Try a Repair instead of a reinstall.
Hey Mfteal,

I would check in a little different place.  Have you verified that the DNS is working correctly?  Go to a command prompt and ping an address to see how quickly the DNS server resolves the IP address.  You also may want to consider wiping out the Networking protocols and re-installing them (don't forget to reinstall the service pack after).

Let me know if this helps,


I tried a repair instead of a reinstall and got the same result. As I mentioned previously the problem occurs in both IE and Netscape so it doesn't appear to be IE specific.

DNS does seem to be working fine. As I mentioned previously, trying to connect to the IP of a website caused the same thing as well.


I deleted and reinstalled the network protocols and this seems to have resolved the problem. In the end it doesn't seem to have been a software specific error (as the problem affected IE and Netscape).

Glad to hear it man! NT4 seems to be tempermental when it comes to networking stuff...

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