Booting difficult -- CD-ROM drive problem

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My desktop (OS Windows 2000 Server) has problem in startup. It had one DVD drive, and a CD-Rom drive -- on one cable. It worked fine before.

Several weeks ago, my son took the DVD drive off, then the problem began -- sometimes booting stopped (it seemed that the computer could not identify the CD-ROM), sometimes booting was OK, but we could not see the CD-ROM drive (from Windows Explorer).

Even the DVD drive was put back, the problem remains the same. Note: DVD drive works fine.

I think my son also touched the jumper.

Would someone please tell me how to correct the problem?

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First check that both ends of the cable are secure.

2) Check that the master/slave/CS jumper is set correctly ( probably as master or single if being used alone ).

3) It is possible that there was damage done to the IDE controller when the DVD was removed, due to static electricity or other factors.

4) check the device manager and see if there are any device conflicts or yeelow/ red marksings.

 I hope this helps !

>>I think my son also touched the jumper.

Just touching the jumper is not going to cause a problem.  The real question in my mind is DID YOUR SON CHANGE THE JUMPER?  If so, then you need to get things BACK TO HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

Hi yzmao,

I think you should change the IDE cable, it might have damaged while pulling from the DVD ROM...I am sure this is the problem of IDE cable..

try it.

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I would also use a bootable floppy ( )
that has CD DOS drivers, to see if the drive works in DOS.

If not, then this is purely a hardware issue.

I hope this helps !
"touching the jumper" -- I mean he changed the jumper. Now the CD-ROM (at the end of the cable) is set to master, DVD is set to slave.

I'm not sure what's the original setting of jumper.

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