cannot boot into linux redhat 7.1

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I just installed linux redhat 7.1 on my IBM thinkpad laptop. I am very new to linux and hoping to learn it as time goes by. Today I came across this error message when I try to boot into linux from a boot floppy:
"kernel panic:VFS:unable to mount root fs on 07:01"
I have win98se and win2000pro on one partition and installed linux on the other. I think I was booting from the linux boot manager, which gave me the option of booting to linux and dos which takes me to the windows boot option. For some reason I don't get the option for linux and my pc goes straight into booting windows.

Please advice me as to how i can solve this problem.

with thanks

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Try booting with the RH CD
enter  linux rescue
then create a boot floppy
 mkbootdisk --device /dev/fd0 2.4.7-10
(2.4.7-10 is the version of the kernel, so look for your version in /boot/vmlinuz).

Then shutdown , and reboot with the diskette.
 You can try to reinstall lilo
but I don't know if the is any problem when trying to boot WinXX.

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