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I've got bits and pieces of text flowing through a program into a database for display on the web only.  Some of these bits and pieces may contain web site URLs (almost never beginning with http://, but www instead) and e-mail addresses.  I'd like to be able to identify and wrap up those pieces in <a> tags (i.e. <a href="[URL]"> and <a href="mailto:[EMail]">), much like this question is hyperlinked in certain places.

I could hobble my way through regular expressions (I'm a .NET regex newbie) but I was curious if the experts out there had a couple of regular expressions along with code they already use for this purpose?  I found this one while searching around:
 but I don't completely understand what it does and I want to know if there's one that's tried and tested and true for both web site URLs and e-mail addresses.  Or if someone out there has a better method not using Regular Expressions, I'd love to know what is also.  

Thanks for your time.
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Here's what I use:
To find an email address:


or for RFC compliance:


To find a URL:

Directly from!

The easiest is to search the above site for "url" and see if they have what you need.

In terms of code, all I can offer is that you should use the System.Text.StringBuilder in stead of just strings for search & replace. You'll search for a substring matching the URL regular expression and replace with the same text wrapped in <A ...></A> etc.

I hope that helps!

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