Startup applications without login (root mode)

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I'm unix/linux user/admin and last week was my first Win2000 admin experience:
losts of questions!!
how can I specify an application to start with the boot-up of the machine, without the need of login ect. ?
I have two machines that are controled remotely, and I want to start the (my) external access program after boot.
how to do that?
(In my unix machines I have the runlevel to do that)

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There are two ways to run a program at bootup on Windows 2000:

1) Run it as a service. If the application isn't written as a service in the first place you would need some third-party tool in order to do this--I believe there's one called SRVANY, but I'm not sure where you can get hold of it.

2) Use Task Scheduler and set the program to run on system startup--you can find this in Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks. I have the command-line version of the SETI@Home client running in this way, and it runs quite happily even if nobody is logged on to the machine.

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