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I am having some problems with a form in my project. Allow me to explain.

I ave an ActiveX DLL project which contains a class called Library and a form called frmLibrary.

A standard EXE project creates an instance of Library, whose only function is to fire up an instance of frmLibrary, which then allows the user to do some stuff.

There are two problems. Unless the form is Modal, it opens and closes immediately. The second problem is that there is no task bar entry (even though it is set to show in taskbar). Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to get it displaying in the taskbar AND staying open until the user hits OK to close it.

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"Unless the form is Modal, it opens and closes immediately" means somewhere in the code after, you must be unloading the form. search for "unload formname" and remove it. or post the code block from where this form is displayed.
It could also mean that somewhere in the form, you are closing the form.  Use the Form_QueryUnload event to put a messagebox to the user that says "Press OK to close Window"

like this:

Private Sub Form_QueryUnload(Cancel As Integer, UnloadMode As Integer)
    MsgBox "Press OK to unload", vbOKOnly, "Unload Form"
End Sub

Hello dist,

please show me a bit of the code before and after you are displaying the modal form.

Because dll's are in-process servers your client app will wait as if the form would be compiled in the same project.


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If you call the form modal, execution of code outside the form will be halted. So you have to look in the form's code for the error. Perhaps there is a fatal error without a messagebox displayed and your form is been unloaded by the system.


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