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Hey guys, I'm going to take a C Programming course and I need a recomendation: Is Microsof Visual Studio a good option to use? Someone told me I can use it as a compiler when writing programs, but am I going to be able to use it to write simple programs and then upload my programs to a UNIX-based server? My school uses "x-terminals" with UNIX and it's kind of hectic being connected with Telnet from home. Any sugestions?

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MSV Studio is not the worst choice, but it you have to be very carful not to use it's extensios to ANSI C if you want to put the sources on the Unix Server.

You can not put the Windows binaries onto a Unix server and expect them too work. The only thing you can try is putting the source elsewhere and use the provided compiler for the compilation.

Of course you could have a chance of working at home and having you program run on the Unix machines if you use the same OS. E.g if it's unix, you should be able to put the binaries on either machine.

You can always write the program with visual studio and compile it on your UNIX-based server.
This way, you just use visual studio as an editor.

exactly - just stick to the ANSI C standard and you'll be ok.

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That depends on which C dialect your course will be teaching.  If it's C89/C90, you'll be OK with MSVC.  If it is C99, you'll need to look for another compiler.


For much of my school work I have written the code in visual studio and worked out the bugs there (as long as you are not interacting with the operating system explitily), visual studios has a nice debugger that is very easy to use.  Be aware though that after writing the source code you will need to recompile it at school to ensure that it works correctly.

Something to look at if you are going to be doing a lot of programming for UNIX is to install LINUX on your computer (ie as a dual boot) or to run something like cygwin ( which runs within windows as a virtual linux system.

Good luck
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