Arcsaerve - details not being merged into DB

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Hi, we're running Arcserve for Netware 6.60. Just recently I've noticed that my nightly backup jobs are not getting written/merged into the Arcserve database. On the Arcserve Restore "Tape View" screen, I cannot drill down and see the folders/files that were backed-up.

I looked up CA's knowledgebase and found documents 10125 & 10133 which relate to fixing corrup Arcserve database.  I ran an ASDB F=ASTPSDAT and when it completed I performed a test backup and still nothing merged!

I then tried the ASFIXDB6 utility but no luck!

In my Arcserve database configuration, I have the "merge detail files wile jobs are active" checked.
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deroodeSystems Administrator

My experience is (and it is also pointed out on the CA website) the when your database gets corrupt you should repair *all* databases. Look in the SYS:Arcserve\database for the names.

When this doesn't help backup the old database to a different folder, and start new with an empty database. (Copy all files from "emptydb" to database.

deroode has it rigjt (the second part anyways).

shut down ARCserve and all of it's modules.

copy the database files from:


Restart ARCserve and start a Merge on your backup tapes to reimport the data.

Hi George

Try this link. It's worked for me in the past.



I did as you suggested and scrapped the database, replacing it with the emptyDB and am now merging my previous backup tapes into it.

This method, unfortunately scraps all the merged jobs and you have to start from the beginning (or what ever tapes you have) and re-merge the data.

I've gotten on Computer Associates case about this - the job data should be in individual databases, thus, if one job get's corrupt, it won't affect the others (Veritas Backup Exec does this).

Hopefully we will see this change in the future.

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