how to deal with these CR sessions?

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  I am using asp+CR8. When I build a CR Application and connect it with Oracle in a asp file (using
session("oApp").LogOnServer), I find a inactive seeion appears in Oracle. But the trouble is every time I refresh the file ,it makes one more new inactive session( made by dllhost.exe) in the Oracle database. And I can not kill the session by simplily use "session("oApp").LogOffServer".
   Please advise..
   Thank you!
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I thought that maybe the last person who asked this could help - but hey, that was you.

I gather by the response to your question last time that there aren't many Oracle experts among us.

Due to the response last time, I'm surprised that you haven't recognised this as as a difficult issue and awarded at least 200 points to your question.  Its amazing what extra effort people will go to for your question if the reward is higher than usual.

I have used Crystal and Oracle in a VB environment and have not had this trouble - but unfortunately a have no code with me even on this.

Do any of these help at all:


 I found these connections are made by PageEngine, it could be released after the default time. Is it possible to reuse the connection instead of make a new connection?
By the way, I am a green hand here.And I have already give
all my points :(
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If the articles and examples cannot help you, then I'm afraid I can help you no more.

I am not familiar with asp.


 Thanks gawilson2000 . I have already settled the problem by setting session.timeout . It is not the best way, but it did help me a lot. Thank you for your help.
That's fine, thanks for the points - I didn't think I helped that much.


I got similar problem with CR 9 .....

I am using asp+CR9. When I run an CR report and connect it with Oracle in a asp file, I find a inactive session appears in Oracle. The session remains eventhough the asp is closed ! How can I remove those inactive session?

   Please advise..
   Thank you!
Look into the 'session.timeout' option or do the articles I have referenced help?  

If not, it may be an Oracle setting.  If you can determine the problem to be an Oracle issue then I recommend that you raise a question in the Oracle section.

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