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 i am a student.i was working on network neighbourhood.on the next day,the network was not getting accessed.when i asked about it,my teacher came to my system and changed some ip address in the system.then it started working.what was he doing to make the network unavailable to us.please tell me about the relation between  network neighbourhood and the ip address of the system.thank you.
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The network neighbourhood you browse shows you the computers on your network. Each of these computers must connect to a central server so that they could find each other.

This server (running on a Windows NT box) is called a WINS server. To utilize it, you need to enter the IP address of the WINS server so that your machine could use it to locate other machines on the network neighbourhood. Your teacher entered two WINS IP addresses to the NT server.

Some networks might require the IP address of the PC you are using to be set to a specific address. Your teacher might have also set this so that the server will recognize your machine and allow it to join the network.

Look here for specific info:

Basically the IP address is used to identify your computer on the network. It is also used to locate the host computer. If the wrong IP address was assigned to the 'host' on your machine, than you would not be able to detect things on the network. If you had an incorrectly assigned (invalid) IP address, you would most likely not have had access to the network either.

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there should be a religion where we pray to the techs.

He may also have changed the default gateway, if a server somewhere had changed.... there are a lot of things he could have done.
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The Network neighbourhood does not need a server. If you are connected together without one, you're on a Peer-to-Peer network. To be able to see other computers, they all need to be in the same workgroup. All need to have one protocol in common (e.g. all are using NetBEUI), often this is TCP/IP, if the network has internet connectivity. The relationship between IP address and computer name can be maintained in several ways: WINS server, DNS and a few more methods.

See also C:\windows\hosts
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