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Hi Expert:

  My company is helping the post office upgrade its mail trackin system.  The application was written using a PowerBuilder front end talking to an Oracle 8i database (on Win2000).  Now, we are trying to decide if we want to use Delphi or Java as our new front end.  Since I am not familiar with Delphi, can anybody gives me some suggestions?  Performance wise (For me, performance means that the user clicks a button, and something happens quickly), which one responds to user quickly?  In this project, we don't need to be multi-platform.  


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in any case,
delphi would have a better performance
and a lower overhead than java

shall this be a web-based application?


Hi kretzschmar:

It's not a web-based application.
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well, one point more to use delphi
(but also delphi would be able to
implement a web-based app)

do you have specific questions about delphi?

i would advice you to use the doa-components (comercial)
for connecting/working with oracle databases
in case of deciding to delphi.

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Hi Kretzschmar again,

  Which application development environment do most of the Delphi programmers use?  Is it Borland Delphi?  Most likely, my company will choose Delphi over Java.  I don't really have any specific questions about Delphi at this point but I am sure I will have it in the next 3 months.  I am the PM of this project and I am more of an Oracle person.  I do want to know more about how Delphi can connect/work with Oracle Database and happy to learn that doa components can do so.  

  Thank you so very much

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> Which application development environment do most of the
> Delphi programmers use?  
well, any windows-plattform (win95->winXP),
(i prevere win2000, win95 itself is not uptodate,
so i would avoid it)

> Is it Borland Delphi?  
yes, see

there are the system-requirements and featurelists
also a 30 day trial-version of delphi 7

> I am more of an Oracle person
well, if you know TAOD or SQL-Navigator from Quest
both are Delphi-Applications

>connect/work with Oracle Database and happy to
>learn that doa components
thats just easy,
- install the oracle-client from your oracle CDs
- configure your TNS and SID
(just like the prepare for a forms-C/S-application)
- now you can use the DOA components (no further configuration needed)
(if you want to use ADO, BDE or dbExpress
for connectivity some steps more are needed)

well, you can try byself with zero costs,
download the delphi7-trial
download the DOA trial

and you should be able to implement
a simple app with a few mouseclicks
(like a table browser with editing feature for example,
complex apps requires some coding of course)

We use both here.

Delphi is Borland's proprietary extension library to Object Pascal for the x86 environment, so there is only Borland Delphi.

Delphi performs much faster than Java on the Intel platform, but we can use Java on all platforms.  I get 9.5M transactions (Delphi) per second versus 600,000 transactions (Java) per second on raw synchronization calls on a 800 MHz x86.  When full locking and deadlock detection is instituted, Delphi only slows to 2.5M TPS, and I haven't tested the Java side.

On an 8 processor SPARC station, Java outperforms Delphi on a 3 processor intel box, provided both apps make full use of non-blocking native threads.  Compare the $$$.

In heavily database intensive environments, most of the work is done in the SQL server so the performance difference is not measurable.

Most problems with Delphi result from mistaking RAD component prototying for serious OO design and implementation.

Hope this helps.

Pick up the book "Bitter java".  Everything it says also applies to Delphi, almost verbatim.

It may help you to stop from making some major mistakes.

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