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today morning i installed 3 patches/fixes for IE via the AutoUpdate tool... it downloaded them automatically and asked to install.

is there a way to find out in windows 2000 prof what time and which patches/fixes were installed (e.g. their MS Q codes, like Q398717 etc.).

i also need to get a list of the files that were updated with these patches... perhaps on MS site. so please provide that information.

Thank you...
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-I agree netcheck is great... Run it with this
hfnetchk -V -Z >c:\%computername%-results.txt
-It will list vunerabilites, Q articles to read about why... etc..

-The installation history at windowsupdate.microsoft.com will give you a list of installed patches...



well, i needed hfnetchk AND checking windowsupdate.microsoft.com to sorta solve this problem... hfnetchk reported this, please advise on what do, thank you (should i run SFC and replace basesrv????):

     Note          MS01-022     Q296441
     Please refer to Q306460 for a detailed explanation.

     Warning          MS02-008     Q318203
     File C:\WINNT\system32\msxml3.dll has a file version that is
     greater than what is expected.

     Patch NOT Found     MS02-050     Q328145
     File C:\WINNT\system32\basesrv.dll has an invalid checksum and its
     file version is equal to or less than what is expected.

     Note          MS02-053     Q324096
     Please refer to Q306460 for a detailed explanation.

     Note          MS02-064     Q327522
     Please refer to Q306460 for a detailed explanation.


     Note          MS02-065     Q329414
     Please refer to Q306460 for a detailed explanation.

Hello loyaliser,
-Do you see the Q numbers ?

-Go to support.microsoft.com/support , choose to search the knowledgebase.. Type Q329414 .. Read the article..
-I figure you'll have to read approx 6-8... They usually offer the fix for the netcheck reported error..

-Install this as well... My co-worker here tells me its a front end for netcheck & better...



thanks for the information... i got some other important information from windowsupdate.microsoft.com, good u mentioned it.

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