what and how to define VPN?

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what's is vpn?how to define it and what's the function, how to use it??is possible please give some example and diagram.
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if you don't knwo what vpn means, which examples do you expect? what should be in the diagrams?

Probably you make yourself used it first:
The acronym VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network", althought the name may be somewhat misleading - for most purposes, all a VPN represents is a secured (usually encrypted and authenticated) point-to-point connection between the two hosts participating in a VPN connection - some morons (like the Cisco product development team) may try to suggest that a VPN implies a certain amount of trust between endpoints, or that one endpoint is more "secure" than another, but this is not the case - a vpn connection must be treated just like any other circuit, and the appropriate security must be implemented accordingly at each endpoint.

Hope that helps (if you want to up the pts and provide a more explicit question, I may be able to help further).


A VPN is a type of communication between two hosts where u use the PSTN or the ISP to connect to the server.

eg: you are off shore and u want to access ur server which is miles away, u can't lay a cable directly. All u do is dial into a nearest ISP thour ypur dialup modem, after connecting to the ISP again dial the VPN where u enter ur server IP address and when u dial VPN it searches for the IP address of your server, provided your server should have a valid IP address.

So this is the VPN.


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VPN (== virtual private network) has nothing to do with ISP and/or PSTN. It might, but must not.
yap - why did you accept an incorrect answer whose only correct portions duplicated previously given advice?



aiyah sorry, not i accepted the answer. is my colleage accepted, i ask him why he accepted the answer, he told me that the answer is correct.then how to change it?
I will try to get an EE mod to look into it...


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