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Hi to all,

     What are the package/software that I need in order for me to establish Mail Server in Linux.

     Or could you please give me some web address that deals with Mail Server(tutorial) that will help me.

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I use qmail + courier imap + qpop

Have fun with it



Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

normally, you can use the mail transfer agent (called MTA) that comes with your linux distro.

by far the simple, secure and powerfull, it's postfix, which comes with mandrake by default.

very powerfull but no simple, sendmail, this comes with most of the distros.

and very powerfull and secure and more or less simple, qmail. you just must follow EXACTLY the install file in order to have it up and running in the first try.

qmail must be downloaded, because their license is open but they force to have the program in one specyfic directory, and most of the distro makers don't want anybody to tell them that.


   Could I use qmail with Microst Outlook as a Client
because I'm planning to establish Mail Server(local) with Linux as my Server and Microsoft Windows as my client?

Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

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