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i bid on and got alot of old pc at a school auction and most of them have bios passwords on them and the teacher at the school that put them there doesent work there any more so i need to get rid of the password to even reinstall windows any ideas
thanks in advance
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2 way of doing the is

Remove the bios battery (it a coin battery)
There is a jump setting but for this u need a manual
(give me the make of the pc and i'll get the manual)

If you take the battery out you need to leave it for at least 15 minutes in many cases.  Resettingthe CMOS will be the easiest if you can find the correct jumper.  It is normally located near the battery.
A third option is called KILLCMOS -
There's a jumper swith (with three pins) on your mainboard labeled 'BIOS reset' or 'CCMOS' (consult your mainboard manual for the exact naming. What you do is, you take of the jumper, place it in the other position than it was (e.g. if it was connecting pins 1 and 2, set it so it now connects pins 2 and 3). Then simply put the jumper back in the original position. The CMOS memory will have been reset.

Make sure you have UNPLUGED the Computer completely if you plan to short the jumper. You can quite easly mangle your bios on old AT power supplies.

I believe it is actually the opposite.  When you flip off the power on an AT system it is off.  Just because you kill the power on an ATX system doesn't mean you have cut the power to the motherboard.  You need to flip the switch on the back of the PS or unplug it.
I have never seen an AT system exhibit what you describe.  Anyone else agree or disagree?

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