Security aspects of opening the IMAP port directly to my exchange server

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I have an exchange 2000 server behind a firewall.  I want to use IMAP email, what are the security implications of opening this port(what is the port i have to open?)

Thanks in advance
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IMAP uses port 143 or 993 for SSL. There is always a level of security risk when opening up ports on a firewall. The risk to opening up the port for IMAP is minimal as there is not alot that could be done to exploit this port. If possible, you should use SSL so that your passwords are not transmitted in clear text.

IMAP PORT number is

IMAP   ------------143
IMAP (SSL)-----------993

See if u open the ports then security risk will be there so better way is install latest patches and updates ( mainly windows updated) form insternet daily.And if u want to user secure imap then use IMAP SSL
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