how to clear socket buffer

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I had set socket buffer like this..

buf_size =16*1024;

err = setsockopt( m_hSock, SOL_SOCKET, SO_SNDBUF, (char *)&buf_size, sizeof(buf_size));

Everything ok while sending data to client...

My question is
I want to clear data in the buffer and send data immediately sometimes.

How can I do that ?

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hmm u could write a routine to set all values in the array to 0 maybe?

while (i != arraysize):
    buf_size[i] = 0;

that can be used to initialise the array to zero.

hmm i wonder does  fflush(buf_size); work,  try it and see, i have no programmig tools on this heap of shite lol


^^ I want to clear socket buffer not memory.

Have a look at  This document says that basically you can't force your data to be flushed, it's down to the TCP layer of the protocol stack to decide when to send data.  It does suggest you can set TCP_NODELAY flag which may achieve what you want it to.

Have a look at to see how to use it.

Hope this helps


you gave me what I exactly wanted. ^^

thanks .

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