Local file browsing?? Is possible???

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is it possible to make a local file browsing, for example a form to search .wav or .mid files in the user machine, the app is in a server...

anyone available to help????

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No it is not possible through flash movie run on browser.
It is almost not possible to look at a local machine from a browser, mostly this is done by virusses only and they are written for example in VB-script.

You could have the user browse on their disc for files to upload for example a file to the internet server, in HTML this is:
<input type="file" name="FILE1">

This way you get a browse button, clicking it opens a Explorer type of window to browse files on the user's disc.

The above can be done in flash as well by combining flash with Javascript. But this is probably not what you want!?

lol, dutchfoxer ... lol, Flash doesn't have the feature, so as dutchfoxer said, load your movie into the HTMl file
you may write this into your html file:

<TITLE>Upload your file before times out!!!</TITLE>
//I don't know actually :S

but i guess it is not what you want, sorry ;)

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