ADSL on WIN XP How do I create an Internet router?

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I have 2 computers. Computer no 1 is connected to my D-Link ADSL modem. I have no hardware ADSL router/firewall. I want to surf on both the computer that is connected to the modem and my other computer. I want to install an extra network card in my "main" pc ad connect it to my second pc's network card. Need help setup all this. My connection to Internet through the main pc works nice.

I need a step -by- step instruction.

Thanks in advance!
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Well this is very simple.

Computer X will be the main pc. It will need 2 nic cards.
Computer Y will be the internal pc. It will need 1 nic card.

Hardware setup:
Connect X to the broadband modem and set the nic card to Obtain IP Automatically (DHCP). You can do this by going to network connections and right clicking on the appropriate nic card and going to TCP/IP Properties

Next, connect the second Nic card in Computer X to Computer Y.

You are going to use Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing Feature (ICS) It may actually automatically configure this for you, but for reference i left the actual settings at the bottom

for your O/S go here:

scroll to the bottom and locate instructions for your Operating system

Set TCP/IP options on nic card #2 to for ip address, for subnet mask, leave gateway blank.

Nic card #1 in computer Y will be ip address and subnet mask and default gateway will be

Holla if u need help AOL - badhousebet  MSN -


It works now. Thanks!!
superabbe: you are using a cross over cable from PC1 to PC2 right?

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