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Where can I download win 3.1 setup disks (6 in all I think).  I have pcdos 6.3 installed but need the setup disks for my friends pc as we are just having some fun with an old 486pc that we reformatted.
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Here's a slow download url and its site...

Also there's a currently open qaa in this ta re 3.11 ...

And here's some info copied from that thread which may help...

Also not sure of the legality issue when distributing this
but here are a couple of slow and currently working urls:

There are numerous other places on the web
to obtain copies of the Windows 3.11 disks.
If you have the license I suppose it's okay.
If this is against EE or Microsoft policy,
I'd then recommend that you don't
download or use these copies.




Thanks for the links to the site, the 3.1 setup worked fine but I am having a problem in that when I reboot the pc it tells me that HIMEM.SYS is missing and to check that it is the windows directory (which it is) and that to check that its in the config.sys file thus I can't get into windows.  I don't have the e editor to create autoexec.bat or config.sys and I was wondering where i can download the utility or would I be better off loading msdos 6.22 if you could point me to it.

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It's strange that the "3.1 setup worked fine" as you say
but the system then can't find or load Himem.sys ...
If it's not an error indicating a wrong version
then it could simply be a path error
or a missing Config.sys file...

The correct path and syntax for pcdos would probably be like:


I keep a few downloads on a server of
self-extracting executables that you can
run in Windows to create some boot disks...

These urls include Windows 98se and DOS 6.22 boot disks...
Both contain a copy of the MS-DOS Editor
to use for your editing task.

Also note my Config.sys and Autoexec.bat configurations
on the DOS 6.22 boot disk, which is how I recommend booting,
loading the devices and drivers with their relevant commands as shown.

These disks provide support for atapi ide cdrom drives,
so edit or remove those references as appropriate...
Also edit the paths to indicate current location
of the individual drivers and programs...

Loading Himem.sys, Emm386.exe, Smartdrv.exe, etc., as shown
will boot the 6.22 system with an optimized memory configuration.

Regarding DOS 6.22; you could literally copy the entire contents
of the 6.22 boot disk to the hard drive's root directory
for testing your Windows 3.xx program...

The Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files are configured to
load items from the root directory of the current drive,
so if all the files from the floppy reside in the root,
then the paths as specified won't need editing.

Then merely copy the system files and command interpreter
from the 6.22 boot disk floppy using the included ...

sys a: c:

...and you can then boot the hard drive to 6.22 and run Windows.

So here are the urls where you can download the programs
to create a DOS 6.22 (or Windows 98) boot disk if interested.
Run these apps in Windows using a defect-free 1.44 floppy disk.
You can alternatively extract the files to a directory on another drive.

~ DOS 6.22 Boot Disk :

~ Windows 98se Boot Disk :




Thanks a million.  Downloaded msdos boot disk, parttioned drive again followed followed your instruction, loaded 3.1 again and everything works brillant.  Even managed to download a couple of old programs through mty pc and extracted them to floppy loaded them and they worked fine too.

Thanks again


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