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i want to create a page where the visitor where can post there comments and contact number and there was a submit button and when the visiror the message will forward to a certain email add..

pls help.

this is site is great
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You can't do this in pure HTML...

You must have a script.. or do it via a frontpage supported server..

But I think the easy way out of this is to use a script..

What you can do is this:

Download one of this script..

I personally prefer PHP

Then unzip and install it to your web server.

After that setup your web form.. Like what the website did..

Just make sure that the form action points to your website..


---- Whatever form components here.. input box..


Just follow the guides.. when you download the software.. If you still can't do anything about it.. then perhaps.. post your email here.. I can send you one of the formmail script i am using :-)


what kind of hosting do you have? is CGI supported? Your options are: ASP, Perl, PHP... basically you submit your form to a script that generates an email in the form it uses and sends it to the recipient. Do you have this option? You can use a <Form action=" my website"> but it's a bit inelegant.

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Just do the form this way:

<form action="maileto:you@yourdomain">
the input fields go here.

Just replce you@yourdomain with the email adress where you want it sent.

However what you will get is pretty ugly and hard to work with.  If you want it nicely formatted then you have to send it to a script that will format the message and tehn email it.
I don't recommend doing it this way unless you have no server side processing capabilities.

Info on using the mailto: protocol is here: 

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No! Don't use the mailto: method! Far too much of the time (aprox 50% of visitors) it will simply not work.

Some techniques that will allow you to get a form emailed to you are described here:
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i will accept the answer of aaron.

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