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Hello all, Im having a problem and im hoping someone can help me out. I have Redhat 7.3 running Samba on a PC at home. Everything is working beautifully, except that i can print from my Windows 2000 Pro box. I am aware that the printer I have is not supported under Linux (Xerox DocuPrint P8)but what i would like to know is the following. The printer is hooked up through the parallel port on the linux box.

1)Is there any way to just use Samba as a place to spool the data while using the print drivers on the windows client(not installing any drivers on the linux box)

2)If the above is possible, besides the standard [printers] section in the smb.conf file, what else do I need to add? I have already added "use client printer = yes" which made my "printer not available" issue go away. but is there anything else I should be adding?

3)If the above works, when adding my printer to my windows box do I just go through the Add Printer Wizard" and browse to the printer. When I do that now there are no printers listed under the "Printers" folder on the Samba share. So I usually just pick the folder itself. I know this cant be right, but Im still learning. Is there something to add to make my printer show up.

If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated, I have been searching all over the net but have come up blank. Thanks in advance
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1. I do not know the DocuPrint 8 but if it is a laser you can use laserjet or ljet3 driver provided with your linux box.

You should administer the local printer in the linux box - this step has nothing to do with samba. Normally administration offers few filtered instances of  the print queues and one called raw. The difference is that the raw forwards data from its input to its output without changing or reformatting while others send the data through the conversion filters.

Then you install the printer on the Windows box as network printer using W2K drivers for DocuPrint8 and choose the raw queue.

You test the raw queue with the lpr -P raw <someASCIIfile> assuming the print queue is called raw. If this works then you are on good way to succeed.

2. You could/should leave the smb.conf's printer section untouched. Samba would just share all system defined printers, may them be local or network printers.

3. Now, if you look into the /etc/printcap file you would see all queues defined in there. They all have few names and only one per queue is listed when you browse the samba print server from the Windows box. Still you can use any of the names

And of course, the smbd and nmbd daemons should be running and for the sake of being sure you should restart them after changing the smb.conf file. The needed scripts are placed within the /etc/init.d filesystem.

And of course, for all above you should be superuser.
As SuperUser == ROOT you shoud setup the samba printer share to allow for everyone to write to it, not just read which will allow all to print.  The key point here is that you need to have your network secure in one way shape or form to keep outside folks from printing (not a real worry) but that shoud clear up your issues.

I personally use WEBMIN ( on my RH8 box and use SWAT for quick configuring as the functions in those 2 programs help with a lot fewer headaches.

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