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I'm looking for a way to have my program be 'controlled' from a webpage (kind of like how GetRight or other download programs catch IE / netscape 'clicks').

If a 'control enabled' webpage is shown in IE and my program is not running, it will load up the program with command line options.
If a 'control enabled' webpage is shown in IE and my program is currently running, it will send a message to my program to tell it to do something (like add some text on the HTML page to a Tmemo in the program).

The 'control enabled' webpage should be normal html/javascript/etc that can be viewed by people who don't have my program without any errors.

Any ideas or methods?
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there's three ways.

1. write a web server application

2. Write an ActiveX control

3. write a Javascript that talks to your sockets app.


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..can you expand on this (in particular, about 2.ActiveX and 3.Javascript)

I haven't used ActiveX before, and never used Javascript to call anything 'outside' of the html document.

I think that can be used plugins for this job.
It's easy. Make your application an EXE Automation Server.

Put Javascript in the page that tries to create the
Automation object. If you app's not running, it'll start up. If it's running, then the object's created no sweat.

The Javascript can use the DOM to traverse HTML elements
and their content and pass the stuff to your Automation
object and vice versa.

Read up on Delphi automation (Active-X) and a little

Have fun!



Ta, reading up (helps when you know what to lookup!)


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