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hi all,

I just upgraded my OS from win98 to win2k just recently and the modem is not working at all. I tried to re-install the driver but it didn't work. Pls. tell what should I do. I'm using the motorola SM56 Speakerphone modem. Thanks a lot!
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Win2K is an awesome O/S, BUT there are standard issues with modems for some reason.  I recently did the exact same thing (albeit with a different modem).  My advice is place the modem you have in one of those anti-static bags wrapped in bubble wrap.  Go out to your local best buy and purchase a modem that is Windows 2000 compliant.  

I wish I could give you more than that, but it's what you will wind up doing after you read more comments about it.
The way 98 and 2000 handle addressing harware are like apples and giraffes. Not even close. If you upgraded your W98 to Win2K  - The first thing before you do the upgrade is to check for Win2K drives for everything in your system. Download them and then do the upgrade. This will include Video, Lan and Modem Cards. The worst are modems - You need to delete or remove the existing hardware drives then install the new 2K drives. If the modem isn't too old it should have W2K drives available. Check for them on another PC and try them before wasting money on a new modem
Did you try a new driver from here?
I don't know this modem but based on experiences with others:-
You could try removing the modem and removing all drivers and reboot the machine.
Then load the w2k drivers, turn off, refit & boot.
If that won't work then remove modem & drivers. Reboot. Refit modem and load drivers when P&P detects.
Only a 2 way split? DTH & fuzzy may even have got closer to the issue with the specific comments regarding removal of drivers & hardware before re-installation.

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