WinRoute Pro 4.2.2 & NT4 RRAS Router-to-Router VPN Conflict

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Does anyone here successfully run NT4 Server with WinRoute and a RRAS Router-to-Router VPN?

<Client>--<Internet>---<NT4 RRAS Server>---<Lan>
Works fine with or without WinRoute service running.

<Lan>--<Win2K RRAS Server>---<Internet>---<NT4 RRAS Server>---<Lan>
Works fine when WinRoute service is stopped, but when the WinRoute service is started it starts discarding return packets (according to the WinRoute log).

WinRoute only rejects the Router-to-Router return packets ie. if there are two VPN connections active 1- a client to VPN server and 2nd one the Router-to-Router connection when WinRoute is started the Client-VPN server connection remains traffic active while the Router-to-Router outbound traffic stops.

WinRoute is configured to exclude the machine its running on from NAT. However the debug logs show that "NAT Out failed" seemingly for the Router-to-Router traffic.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance.


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Solved it - Kerio's solution to the problem is to cheat and not use a Router-to-Router config but two VPNs in client-server config. Not elegant, but it works i guess!.
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