Default Gateway Has same IP

martinbyrne used Ask the Experts™
Hope some of you guys can help me?.

I Dialing in to a RAS server which is configured with a pool of addresses, the RAS service is set up corectly and access to "entier network" is enabled.

The problem is if I can dial in to the server all seems OK I get verified, the client picks up all the info from the DHCP Server with the exception of the Default Gateway, I try to ping any Address and i just get timed out everytime.

I have tried this on 3 different Laptops using 98,2000 and XP but same problem exists for all.

I have also tried entering the gateway on the client, but problem is still the same I cannot ping a single device on my network.

Any Ideas.

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The ip address for you dialup adapter (PPP adapter) will be the same (at least on my machine).

Could you test by pinging the Ip address of the RAS box.

IMHO, the DHCP should be assiging the option for Default Router which should be the RAS box.  And the RAS box should have it's routing configured properly (which you mentioned it does!).

Make sure that under the tcp/ip settings on the dialup entry, you have Use Default Gateway on Remote Network ticked. This makes sure that all IP traffic gets routed out via this connection. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your input

I have tried all you mentioned before i posted.

I actually reserved the all the address that the Eicon Card has picked up in DHCP manager.
But all must be ok if  the client can pick up all that is defined in the scope, with the exception of the the Default gateway.

I have tried the "use gateway on remote computer" option on the client's TCP/IP options but still no joy, as I said even if i try a static option I still cannot ping anywhere including the ras box it's self.

Thanks again
I am still a huge hole though

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what is your OS?

any change of reinstalling the RAS (or Dialup networking)?

does the dialup connection work when you dial to some other services (other ISP maybe)?


Hi Guys.

Samari...Thank You

no. prob.

how did you solve it?  if you are willing to share.

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