Stuttering sound:CD/Connection voices: you've got mail etc

jparker_taunton used Ask the Experts™
running windows 98, 128 meg ram. voices stutter on cd's and at connections/aol you've go mail stutters, why/fix?
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I am going to assume that your sound card is built right into your motherboard.  I had the same problem and the explantion that I was given was that you are tapping into the main processor to power the sound card and this is causing the problem.  Now if you were to upgrade to say win2000 or xp this would not be a problem (I did it and it solved the problem) but a cheaper solution would to be just go out and buy a sound card.  You can't expect too much from one that is built into the motherboard.

For what its worth I concur with jpanderson.
You can try looking for the latest sound drivers for your system and see if that corrects the problem otherwise doesn't look good. Dave


I have a creative  sound blaster 128pci.
I have downloaded the latest drivers from creative and it sounds some what better. how the drivers became corrupt another question, thanks for the comments, they drove me to the Creative web site looking for updated drivers on the chance that they might make a difference.

Great, Enjoy! Dave
Awarding the question to jpanderson.

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