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Hi all,

We have three netware 3.12 servers up and running in our lab. One is Primary and the another one is backup and the last one is for accounts department.All the servers & nodes are connected by BNC cables.  Recently we shifted our servers to some other location. That day onwards our Accounts department server is detaching ityself from the network automatically. In other servers console command DISPLAY SERVERS not showing this accounts server. if i use RESET ROUTER in the accounts server's console, it's coming in to the network and the nodes can access this server. What's the problem..??? 15 mins once we are typing RESET ROUTER in the accounts dept server console . then only it's accessible by the nodes. Where's the problem...??
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bad termination on the network segment?

duplicate server names?

IPX misconfigured (different IPX segment names)?

duplicate MAC address on server network cards?

Think more info required - maybe a text diag.

 ws                     fs1           fs2    fs3

Are there more than 1 Nic cards in any servers ?
When you say moved to another location, same room ?
Seen this happen when the length on coax toooo long

Any other changes that were made but not mentioned ?

Can nodes next to the Accounts department server see the other servers?  If so on which leg are they (ie, between the Accounts department server and the other servers or are they between the Accounts department server and the terminating resister)?

In other words, since BNC cabling is really a straight line, where does the line "break".  Who can't see anything from that point on down to the end?

I had such nightmares with coax and BNC.  One way to solve this is to leave the coax "backbone" in place, ie, between the servers.  Then in each room where the nodes are, use a cheap hub with a bnc connector on the back.  As long as the hubs connect to the bnc backbone then you don't hit the 4 hub uplink limit that you have when you use 10Base-T uplinks.  Then switch the workstations to 10Base-T NICs (maybe your current NICs are both).  This way you get rid of all that excessive coax cable nightmare.

Just a thought.
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Primary and Secondary servers installed with 4 NICs each. In the accounts servers only one NIC installed. so there are 4 segments. All the servers are in the same server rack. So 4 BNC cables are running between the servers. All the nodes are spreaded in the 4 cables. There's no HUB in my network. Nodes next to the Accounts server or where ever it is, it's not able to access the accounts server. Even in the Primary and backup servers are unable to detect the accounts server. After typing "reset router" both the servers can detect Accounts server.

No bad termination on the network segment
No duplicate server names
No IPX misconfiguration (different IPX segment names)
No duplicate MAC address on server network cards

Server shifted in the same room. BNC cables lengths are under limit.

What else..??? Go ahead gayz..

get a hub...

Display networks - run this on all servers and see what it says about the network addresses of the other servers.
If you run this when the accounts disappears, then reset router, run it again - what results ?

Also, did you use min .5 meters cable length between the servers ? As well as max length there is a min length as well. Too short a lead between the servers in the rack will cause this.

I am assuming nothing was changed except location, so am looking a physical rather than software - please include any changes that were made as well as the location change.

eg Oh, and we put a new nic in server X ......

Found this for you, check out this site (old but really useful):

"You can glean some good information from NetWare's TRACK utility and other server console commands. For example, TRACK, DISPLAY SERVERS, and DISPLAY NETWORKS let you observe service advertising and routing activity from a particular NetWare server or router's point of view. This information is useful when determining where network services are located, and also when troubleshooting network communication and routing problems....."

This site has a detailed walkthrough of tracking down trouble like yours: (below is from the site)

Workstation Connection Problems
You can use the TRACK utility to see if a workstation is broadcasting properly to the network and if the servers can respond to its connection requests. When a workstation initially broadcasts for network services as it tries to log in, the NetWare Shell/DOS Requester broadcasts a "Get Nearest Server" SAP request.

Each server responding to the SAP request sends back a SAP reply to the workstation with its server name. (in the following example, that server is named OFFICE.)

IN   [00000ABE:00001B096A61] 9:30:44 am Get Nearest Server
OUT  [00000ABE:00001B096A61] 9:30:44 am Give Nearest Server OFFICE
IN   [00000ABE:00001B096A61] 9:30:44 am Route Request
IN   [00000ABE:00001B096A61] 9:30:44 am Route Request

You see two "Route Request" entries in the TRACK screen if you are using a Preferred Server connection sequence. The first one is for the initial connection to the server that replies first to the Get Nearest Server request. The second one occurs after the work-station finds the target server and is establishing a connection to it.

This example shows a successful workstation/server connection. If you don't see any of the above information appear on the server's TRACK screen, the workstation can't send a proper "Get Nearest Server" request. This could indicate trouble with any of the following:

Workstation network board (faulty or improperly configured)

Network board driver (faulty or improperly configured)

Bad hub or concentrator

Bad connection to the hub/concentrator

Cable system

Cable termination

If the "Get Nearest Server" request appears on the TRACK screen, the workstation is configured properly and can talk to the network and the file server can receive the request. However, the server can't respond to the request. Such a problem indicates a faulty or improperly configured network board or driver in the server, or the server may be extremely busy.

Server Connection Problems
If workstations are trying to log in to the server but instead receive "Server Unknown" messages, first ensure the server is up and running and volume SYS is mounted. If it is, run TRACK ON on the server and watch the RIP and SAP traffic. Check to see if the server has outbound traffic.

Next see if the inbound traffic is coming from the outside routers. If inbound traffic is coming only from the IPX internal network address, the server's connection is faulty and it can't receive information from the network. Check the network cable and server connection.

Downed Servers
When you bring down a server with the DOWN console command, the server's status of hops is immediately incremented to 16. The entry below results from server LNA312 being downed:

OUT  [2EDE6E0E:FFFFFFFFFFFF] 6:50:57pm LNA312 16
   LNA312 16    LNA2 1  BSR4.00-6.10_   2
   LNA2      2

In this instance, server LNA2 received the information and updated its routing tables. The next time LNA2 sends out a routing update, server LNA312 won't be included in the list.


dear all,

want to say something about my problem. In that account server, CMOS battery gone very week. Yesterday I changed the cabinet for that server. that time i changed the CMOS battery also. After that we are not facing this "Reset router " problem. I think this is due to the internal CMOS battery. There's some miscalculation in the server and Router rebuild timings. By this new CMOS battery solved all those problem.

I want to thanks all, those sent usefull comments on my question.




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