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I have a VB6.0/MS Access 97 application which uses crystal reports 8.5.When I install this application in other machine , what are all the DLLs should I have inorder to run the application which creates crystal reports as one  of its features.
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Why do u want to worry about this.
Use Package and deployment wizard, and this will take care of everything
Iam sure u know to use it.. if not pls let me know, i will tell u
Good Luck..
For Access:

For Crystal Reports:
One of the important things is to grab the files in the \Crystal directory named UD*.dll.  These are the UserDefined Functions and what not and if they are not there, can prevent exporting/etc from a viewer.  These are the files that even the PDW mentioned above will not grab, so if you use it, remember to manually add all these files.


Hi Twal thanks.But I usually use third party packaging utility which is not good.Could you help me to use Package and deployment wizard.
You can get to it PDW in either of 2 ways.  The first way is to go through the Start...Programs...Visual Studio...Visual Studio 6 tools...Package and deployment wizard.  The other is through the PDW add-in in VB (by going to VB's Add-in...Add-in manager and selecting the PDW add-in and checking load, then starting it from add-ins...PDW.

Now that it's started, select your project location at the top dropdown and press the package button.  Follow the prompts.   Then select standard setup package in the next window.  Then choose a new spot on your hard drive where you want the package to be created on the next screen(make note of where you put this because you will want to find it later).  Then you will be taken to the include files screen.  PDW has already determined that you need some files, so they will be in there.  Press the Add button to add the CR Files I mentioned if they are not there already.  On the next screen choose single cab or split across floppies.  Give it an installation title and where in the start menu you want to put the shortcut. The generic install locations should be fine, but if you want to change one you can when you get to that screen.  Do not select shared files unless you have to.  Assign a script name and prss finish.  Go to the directory where you created the package (the one you specified earlier).  There you have the Setup.exe, Cab file and LST file for your packaging needs

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