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I have an app that is pretty much like a screen saver password type application that locks-up the system pretty good.


The user can press F5 on startup and go into protective mode and my app has no power. (They also can press Space Bar).

Is there a way to cover both spectrums Normal and protective mode?

I also know that they can boot with a system disk, but dont they have to have a customized boot disk for the particular computer? Does it not have to have specific information? Or can they boot with a generic version and gain access to disk?

I am not sure if I would like to bother writing CMOS code to create a Boot system security. Like some computers do.
And that can be circumvented by pulling the battery and or shorting some jumper on the mother board. (From what I have heard)

Any and all comments/thoughts/criticism apreciated.

Richard Jones

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All I need is to do something about users going into Safe-mode. Can I force my app to run in safemode also? Can I run my app in normal startup and safe-mode startup?
If so, HOW?

go into the registry and add an entry into the key:
whose string value is equal to the path of your executable.. this will run that executable on windows startup
what u can also do is the following:
rename explorer.exe to explorer.bak
copy your executable to explorer.exe
and it will run your app as the shell..
securing it pretty well.. make sure your app
calls the shell so u can still run it heh


I wanted to give you credit for your help in a differetn question I had. But jkr got that answer.

Hope this helps, Merry X-mass and such.

Thanks for your help.

Richard Jones

thanks :D merry xmas to you too
glad to be of help

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